Sports Fabric Collection

All those sports designs I was working on? They are available now!


Basketball Fabric

I set them for sale a few weeks ago and so far have sold a few yards of yoga fabric. I wasn’t expecting that one to do as well as it has, but I guess the crossover between sewers and yoga enthusiasts is greater than, say, sewing and lacrosse.



Much like hockey, my experience with yoga consists of knowing other people who do it. A midwife suggested it after baby three was born as a way of combatting the core muscle  weakness that comes after 27 months of pregnancy and at least an equal number of months of indolence. “Would soccer work for that?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “yoga.”

“A lot of walking?”


That was more than a year ago and I haven’t followed up yet, but I’m happy there are some sewing yoga enthusiasts out there who like my fabric. Keep doing what you’re doing, yogis.


My favorite: rock climbing (as a fabric, not as an activity)

The same goes for most of the other sports featured. My one experience rock climbing outdoors was when I was 14 and with older strangers who didn’t have enough harnesses. They took mine and had me cling to a ledge while they threw it down to the next person. I dreaded volleyball and basketball in PE and growing up in a wet climate, we played them all the time.


Volleyball is not for people who were under 5′ in junior high

My best friend and I went to a gymnastics meet (is that the right word? That doesn’t sound competitive enough) before the 2012 Olympics and got to see the people Google tells me were later given the moniker “The Fierce Five.” It was exciting and impressive and we were probably both just really happy to have a break from children and do something together that wasn’t a run to Trader Joe’s, but within the first half an hour we discovered that without running commentary, it was hard to follow what was going on.


Gymnastics, gymnastics, soccer


“This is great! What are the rules?”

All of which is to say, that I am sure that person in the photo above was laughing inwardly when I told her I was making a collection of sports fabric. And, I now have a bunch of swatches for sports most of which I don’t do. But, I have a daughter and I’m thinking of making a quilt for her full of girls and ladies being strong and doing things and maybe when she’s thirteen and someone makes her do volleyball in gym class, her first response won’t be, “Huh? Why are we doing that? It really hurts your forearms. When do we do badminton? How many years of PE do I have left?”